The unmistakable style of Andrea Moretti.

Designed and produced in Italy by using the Moatech patent on jackets, shoes and accesories... with a warm and soft veil of cashemere...


Our cashmere is imported directly from Mongolia where traditionally the most valuable product comes from.
A widely colourful super-soft veil of cashmere that can be matched with a selection of fabrics: leather, nylon, wool and cotton and a breathable and clear polyurethane which is a characteristic of our patent.
From the transformation of the cashmere fibre into a carpet and a quilt to the various raw materials, we produce rolls of fabric that are used for all of our creations. The natural colour of the yarn is the principal characteristic.


Inside you will find clothes for both women and men, characterized by their modern yet at the same time classical taste.
Jackets, shoes, bags, accessories, and other surprises to discover.


With our Moatech patent we produce much more than outerwear, shoes, bags, belts and wallets, we also produce furniture, lamps and coverings of all types, including for car seats.