Moa links food and fashion in a perfect combination.

Moa is over 700 square meters. There is a café bar, bistrot for fast lunches and aperitifs, a restaurant, a pizzeria and a real '900 Caveau.

You have never seen it before.
A widely colourful super-soft veil of Cashmere that can be matched with a selection of fabrics: leather, nylon, wool and cotton and a breathable and clear polyurethane which is a characteristic of our patent. Jackets, shoes, bags, accessories, furnishings and other surprises to discover.
All garments are designed by us and produced exclusively in Italy.
The Canadian lobster, caught using baskets placed along the coastline reaching 50 m deep under the North Atlantic Ocean, the lobsters are transported live to the shop within only 48 hours.
The lobster, served in a delicate sandwich or on a cutting board or cooked on a plate, is the most international part of our cuisine.
Meat and head made pasta are part of our offers. The selection of raw materials is difficult and challenging but gives high quality and sophistication to the menu and to the flavours. The main goal is absolute freshness of flavours and few but excellent ingredients.
The wine offered by our bistrot bar is selected among many Italian (and foreign) producers who love the land, the grapes, nature and the well-being of their clients.